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Phare de la Courbe vers Royan

La Coubre Lighthouse

Come to admire at 10 min of the camp-site “Les Pins”, the sublime panoramic sight of the top of 64 meters of the lighthouse of the curve which can be visited all the year! Come and immerse yourself in the history of this lighthouse built in 1905, originally located 2km from the shore but with continuous erosion it is only a few hundred metres from the sea! Moreover it is one of the most powerful lighthouses in France with a luminous range exceeding 50 km. A spiral staircase of 300 steps offers as a reward a splendid panorama on the Gironde estuary, the Cordouan lighthouse, the Pointe de Grave, the Girondine coast, the Côte Sauvage, the Arvert peninsula and further north the island of Oléron.

A breathtaking panorama
on the Gironde estuary!

64 metres high, the lighthouse overlooks Bonne Anse Bay on the Atlantic coast and offers visitors a 360° view of the Gironde estuary!
Thus, after the ascent of the lighthouse, the visitor will be rewarded for his effort, not to say his sporting feat, by a striking panorama on the Côte Sauvage, the Arvert peninsula, the Ile d’Oléron or the spire of Bonne Anse…

The Ecomuseum of the Lighthouse and the Dune

Built in 1905 and listed as a historic monument, the Coubre lighthouse is the highest lighthouse on the Charente coast with some 300 steps.
Since the celebration of its centenary, it has housed an ecomuseum that traces the life of lighthouses in the Gironde estuary: 4 rooms devoted to the exhibition of bronze and crystal optics, souvenir objects, images of numerous illustrators and engravers, temporary exhibitions…
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