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La Palmyre

5 minutes from the campsite Les Pins stop at La Palmyre for a nature break, start with the essential walk to the Zoo de la Palmyre which can fill a whole day the time to get acquainted with lions, giraffes, monkeys, polar bears, flamingos, parrots, wolves and all the friends of the koalas, without forgetting the parrot shows.

Another day you can relax on the wild coast, a beautiful beach that stretches for several miles and hides behind the dunes and forest of the Coubre. The warm sand, the spectacular waves make the happiness of teenagers, sportsmen and of course surfers.
You will be able to go there by bike from the campsite, a walk full of beauty and pine smells not to be missed.
In the evening you will stroll to the side of the night market always very appreciated by holidaymakers.


Guided tour of La Palmyre

The nautical base of La Palmyre, located on the port, offers the possibility to holidaymakers to indulge in family with the joys of the glide safely thanks to the advice and the supervision of qualified instructors. The Bay of Bonne Anse is ideal for kitesurfing, windsurfing and stand-up paddling. The weather conditions are ideal for beginners and children, as a large sandbank protects against swells.

You will also find an equestrian center at Les Mathes near La Palmyre. Open all year, it offers courses and horseback riding in the countryside or on the beach. Want to test your sense of team organization and your coolness? Participate in a game of Escape Games with your kids and find out how to escape on time! In the evening, after recharging yourself at the night market, extend your enjoyable family day in Luna Park’s attractions!